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How to Register for an Account

  1. Iowa Library Commons
  2. Register for an account
  3. Go to
  4. Click on the Register button on the right.
  5. Type in a Username, a Display Name (usually your real name), your email address and a password.
  6. There are no restrictions or requirements on the password.
  7. Click the Register button
  8. A Confirmation page appears, instructing you to check your e-mail for a confirmation message
  9. Open your email and look for a message from Iowa Library Commons Administrator
  10. Open the message and click on the link in the message.
  11. You will be re-directed to the Log In page back on Iowa Library Commons
  12. Enter your Username and Password
  13. Click the LOG IN button
  14. The User Profile Page is displayed
  15. Fill out the form and click Save Changes.
    • Library Name is the name of the library in which this contributor works.
    • Address is the address of the library in which this contributor works.
    • City is the Iowa city where this library is located.
    • Library type is the type of library in which this contributor works.
    • Locator Code is the Locator Code assigned to this Iowa library. This field is required and is used to verify that this contributor works in an Iowa library.  If you do not know the Locator code or your library does not currently have a Locator code, contact the Iowa Library Services District Office that serves your county.
    • Phone number is your work phone number or a phone number where you can be reached for questions or comments about your contributions to Iowa Library Commons.
  16. The User Profile Confirmation page is displayed.
  17. Your registration is now complete.  Use the links in the upper right corner to Add an Item, or Logout.

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