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Buy Sell Trade and iowalib

Iowa Library Commons contains a collection called Buy Sell Trade. This is a collection of library items, goods or services that Iowa libraries are selling, trading or giving away to other Iowa libraries. This collection contains a description advertisement photos and contact information.
Use this service in conjunction with the iowalib mailing list to get a message out quickly and easily to over 1000 people. However, the mailing list software does not allow inclusion of graphics or attachments which is useful when selling or giving away library items. Follow these instructions to add the item to Commons then collect the URL of the item to include in a post to iowalib.

Add the item to Iowa Library Commons

  1. Create an account in Iowa Library Commons if you have not already done so
  2. Login, then follow the instructions to add an item to Iowa Library Commons. Be sure to select the BUY SELL TRADE collection.
  3. After the item has been added, click on the "View Public Page" button
  4. Copy the URL of the item. The URL should end with the item number

Post message to iowalib

  1. Compose an e-mail message to
  2. Give the message a subject heading
  3. In the body of the message include the URL from the item in Iowa Library Commons (paste the link)
  4. Send, or post, the message.

Here's an example of the message with the link to the item in Iowa Library Commons
4 shelf metal unit, shelves are enclosed on 3 sides. Shelves are adjustable. Unit has a shelf on the top, the unit rolls easily on four sturdy castors. Beige in color. In good condition. Asking $25.00 or make an offer. Buyer must pick it up and transport. Click on the link to see a picture.