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Fields Explained

The Dublin Core metadata element set is common to all records, including items, files, and collections. 

Dublin Core Fields


This is the name of the item. Use descriptive words in the title, but keep it short. That will help with the discovery of the item. Capitalization and punctuation do not matter in the title field. Spell check is provided by the browser.


Choose and select a topic for your item. The item can have more than one subject. Click the Add Input button to add more subjects. Use the Subject Descriptions table to help choose the best subject or subjects to apply to the item.


Use this field to describe your item in detail. The words in this field will help with the discovery of the item. Include things like the dimensions of the item, how it was created, the reason it was created, colors used, technology used to create it and so forth. In the Buy Sell Trade Collection, use this field for the seller’s contact information.


Enter today's date in this field so the date the item was added to Commons is captured.


Choose and select the format of the item. Match the extension on the file you will upload to the list. If you don't know the file type, select Other/Unlisted. These are the choices:

Excel (xls, xlsx)

Portable Document Format (pdf)

Flash Video (flv)

Portable Network Graphic (png)

Graphics Interchange Format (gif)

QuickTime Movie (mov)

Joint Photographic Experts Group (jpg)

Scalable Vector Graphics (svg)

MPEG Layer 3 (mp3)

Tagged Image File Format (tif)

MPEG-4 (mp4)

Text (txt)

Other / Unlisted

Windows Media Video (wmv)

PowerPoint (ppt, pptx)

Word Document (doc, docx)

Mixed (multiple mixed formats)




Item Types


A series of visual representations imparting an impression of motion when shown in succession. Examples include animations, movies, television programs, videos, or visual output from a simulation.


A resource primarily intended to be heard. Examples include a music playback file format, an audio compact disc, and recorded speech or sounds.


A static visual representation. Examples include photographs, paintings, drawings, graphic designs, plans and maps. Recommended best practice is to assign the type Text to images of textual materials.


A resource consisting primarily of words for reading. Examples include policies, bylaws, ordinances, letters, newsletters, articles, procedures, forms, and instructions. Note that facsimiles or images of texts are still of the genre Text.


A classified ad for offering items for sale, trade or give-away. This resource consists of words and images files.


An item with multiple files of mixed formats. One set of metadata, and multiple, mixed files that make up one item.


Browse for file: This file will be uploaded to Iowa Library Commons and will be available for other users to download and view.

Tags: These are words added by the contributor and will provide additional access points to this item. Tags can be anything. Entries will not be combined. For example, book marks and bookmarks will be two different tags.

Collection descriptions

Share - This is a collection of items created by Iowa library staff to be shared with Iowa library staff. Items in this collection represent the work and efforts of library staff to provide exemplar service to Iowans and help libraries strive for excellence.

Buy Sell Trade - This is a collection of library items, goods or services that Iowa libraries are selling, trading or giving away to other Iowa libraries. This collection contains a description advertisement photos and contact information.