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About Contributing

To contribute to Iowa Library Commons you must work in a library in Iowa. To become a contributor you must first register for an account. Registering for an account includes providing information about yourself and your library, including the Locator code of your library, to a user profile. The Locator code is used by Iowa Library Services as a unique identifier of each library in Iowa. It is also the holding code of the library used in the Locator (Iowa libraries' union catalog. If you do not know your Locator code, or if your library does not have a Locator code, contact the Iowa Library Service District Office that serves your county.

Once you are a registered user, you are automatically approved to contribute items immediately.

Contributions should be items created by Iowa Library staff and are added to Iowa Library Commons with the intent to share these items with other Iowa library staff. Everything you contribute should be originally created and should be shared freely with no restrictions on its use.

Only material that is intended for other library staff should be posted. This is not a venue for sharing information for the public. For example, do not post newspaper archives, or digitized copies of school yearbooks. Do post photos, videos, audios, and programming examples from your library in order to build on and provide excellent ideas to other Iowa library staff. For more ideas on what to post, take a look at the list of subjects.

Library staff should keep the permanent copy of what is submitted. Materials may be removed from this site without notice.

Content is not endorsed by Iowa Library Services.

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