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Sharing and iowalib

How to use Iowa Library Commons to supplement iowalib postings

iowalib is a mailing list used by many people interested in Iowa Libraries. The mailing list is an efficient way to get a message out quickly and easily to over 1000 people. However, the mailing list software does not allow inclusion of graphics or attachments.  Sometimes, a picture really is worth 1000 words, so here is a method to post the message to iowalib and include a link to the picture in Iowa Library Commons, or conversely, to post the picture on Iowa Library Commons and draw people's attention to it using iowalib.

Add the item to Iowa Library Commons

  1. Create an account in Iowa Library Commons if you have not already done so
  2. Login, then follow the instructions to add an item to Iowa Library Commons. Be sure to select the SHARING collection.
  3. After the item has been added, select the "View Public Page" button
  4. When page loads, copy the URL of the item. The URL should end with the item number

Post message to iowalib

  1. Compose an e-mail message to
  2. Give the message a subject heading
  3. In the body of the message include the URL from the item in Iowa Library Commons (paste the link)
  4. Send, or post, the message.

Here's an example of the message with the link to the item in Iowa Library Commons

Check out a picture of our library's Story on a Stick that we have put up at our county fair this week. Pete the Cat seems like the perfect book. At the end of my stories, I have a notebook for people to sign to let us know how many people are enjoying the story, and we haven't been disappointed with the numbers on the last few we have done.