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How to Add an Item

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Login link in the upper right corner
  3. Enter username and password and click the login button
  4. Click the Add an Item link in the upper right corner.
  5. Note the four tabs across the top of the page. When adding an item each of these sections will be used.
  6. Click on the Dublin Core tab
  7. Type data in the title, subject, description, and date fields, and select a format from the drop down menu.
  8. Click on the second tab, Item Type Metadata
  9. Select the item type from the drop down menu
  10. Type in the library name and select the county and library type & size
  11. Click the third tab, Files
  12. Click the Choose File button to find a file on your computer.
  13. Click on the fourth tab, Tags
  14. Type additional descriptive words and phrases in the Tags box. Separate each entry with a comma.
  15. Select a collection for this item from the drop down menu on the right
  16. Click on the green Add item button

See Fields Explained for more information about how to fill in the fields.

See Explanation of Library Types and Sizes for more information about library types and public library size codes.

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