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This collection contains items that Iowa libraries use to make Iowa libraries great. Most items are created by Iowa library staff and are used by library staff in their work towards library excellence. Instructions, tip sheets, articles, stories, forms, surveys, videos, pictures, bookmarks, posters and more are included.



Items in the Share Collection

K-2nd Grade program

A presentation by Inger Lamb, PhD, president of Iowa Prairie Network and owner of Prairie Landscapes of Iowa about using native plants to landscape the grounds of public libraries. Originally broadcast over the Iowa Communications Network system on…

The Open Meetings Law was designed to ensure the public has access when discussion or deliberation regarding public policy takes place. To many citizens, libraries are one of our most prized governmental entities which symbolize openness, freedom of…

A powerpoint of the presentation Sonatas in the Stacks given during the 2014 ISLA conference about hosting music performances in the library.

A user guide in PDF format to learn how to use Iowa Library Commons